Invest in Greece & Crete

Our consulting team offers advice in order to help companies efficiently invest in Crete Greece and grow by adding value through the skill, knowledge and experience of our professionals, our global presence, network, and our commitment to a value-based culture of excellence.

The sectors we specialize in are: 


The Greek real estate market has undergone profound changes in the past decade, with building activity fueled by an expanding economy and the development of second home and leisure home markets. Although the market shrank during the past few years, 2016 has been a turning point and demand has started raising again. The Real Estate market is always a good market to invest in and specially in large scale development projects, as long as you have the important local knowledge and good future forecast. As established consultants in the market we aim to maximize our clients’ investments by presenting appropriate opportunities and minimizing the risk for their capital. As developers we offer for investors a variety of large, upscale integrated resort projects and small, boutique projects that focus on niche markets.


Representing 18% of GDP, tourism is a key sector and one of the most dynamic for growth and investment. Greece is among the top 15 destinations worldwide and an excellent location to invest. Our team can provide to investors, integrated hotel resorts, golf courses, theme parks, agro-tourism units and alternative tourism projects.


Greece occupies a geostrategic position as a vital transit hub in the energy markets of Southeast Europe and specially in the Oil & Gas sector. Additionally Greece offers ideal conditions to harness wind, solar, and geothermal energy. With a wide view across the sector we are well-placed to work in active partnership with fast-growing businesses.


Agriculture in many mediterranean countries and specially in Greece is a very promising industry since its full potential has not been exploited yet. We provide consultation for business development and fund raising for organized industrialisation in various sectors of the Agriculture Business such as the Alfalfa, Olive Oil, Wheat, etc.

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